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In addition to excellent decorative fabrication, the company provides a wide range of other services. Equipped with necessary machinery, we offer different services like perforations of sheets and also:



Quantities: Small series
Materials: Steel, stainless steel
Method of Welding: TIG/141 


Quantities: Small, medium and large series
Dimensions: Max. 600x400 mm
Materials: Steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, plastics


Quantities: Small, medium and large series
Dimensions: Conventional treatment: max. Ø 300 mm, "From the rod" max. Ø 42 mm
Materials: Steel, stainless steel, non-ferrous metals, plastics

Perforation service

Services of perforated sheets of stainless steel and black steel, as a replacement for laser and water crop. 

Perforation of stainless steel sheets, thicknesses up to 3.0 mm and 

Black steel sheets up to 6.0 mm thickness. 

We are producing every size and dimension, according to your needs.

Perforation variants

Round perforations Rectangular perforations
Round perforations Ø 5 mm Rectangular perforation 5x5 mm
Round perforations Ø 6 mm Rectangular perforation 6x6 mm
Round perforations Ø 8 mm Rectangular perforation 8x8 mm
Round perforations Ø 10 mm Rectangular perforation 10x10 mm
Round perforations Ø 15 mm Rectangular perforation 15x15 mm
Round perforations Ø 20 mm Rectangular perforation 20x20 mm
Round perforations Ø 25 mm Rectangular perforation 25x25 mm
Round perforations Ø 30 mm Rectangular perforation 30x30 mm

Our processing machines

  • CNC Trumpf TC 240 - for perforations (x1)
  • INDEX lathe, equipped with bar feeders, diameter up to Ø 42 mm, suitable for the production of larger series (x3)
  • 5-axis machining center DMG DMU 50 Evolution (x1)
  • CNC Gilder Master (x1)
  • CHIRON machining center (x1)
  • MAHO 600 CNC machining center (x3)
  • Wagner milling machine, conventional (x1)
  • MICRON VCP 1000 (x1)
  • CNC machine for precise cutting of aluminum (we use PLANCAST aluminium, double-sided ground) (x1)